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11 word riffs while listening to Uncle Acid's "Lonely And Strange."

Dandy (just another word, reality check) almost novelty genre pretty pretty Peggie Sue she’s big towns always 4th down.

The top 4, love, beauty and truth and time whores at midnight madness now your kingdom’s in doubt gonna check out and don’t forget the 5th empathy-slither.

And fat ones, the power of birds is to close the negative door perceptions and vaporize human minds yeah dog don’t stop with the lo-fi originality no-fi hi-fi.

The forager, the chef, the Christ, the march of the 300s toward brain damage down by the harmony hesh and a blackout drunk.

Her acid eyes with square retinas super-tongue hoochberries, has street cred cause levitation achieved and a stoning of the stoned sleepwalker.

Like a de Sade book burner session sacred and profane while hustlin’ poison just like sister Ray said and melody Mazzy pullin’ the cord to bless the whales and the strange fellows imagery.

Diamonds and rusty pill shovel patina textures three-to-know grasping the buddha-nature where the griffins unite in the cave for ascension and high tone next.

Usurper of the poser throne loser puppets run the world down and out drama kill the rich that kill the poor.

Now I got nothing to worry about oh my except the thornheart never a compassion and a dead skull buried don’t dig it up, be the Tao and let it be.

Pillars of light for the king of mars that has twiggy arms and vampire wings and five seconds of enlightenment ambience once in a while baby baby baby.

Cat with no name follow it to get higher. Empire of consciousness close to the graves of the lonely, the outsider, the medusa, the artist, the mood.



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