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2000 light years from home

thanks to Monster Magnet, The Rolling Stones, and repetition

The sirens of danger and psyche-in-prison and down-the-river rhythm are needed for motion out to space and consistency of mood, western is linear and eastern is circular. Mellow atonal piano guts Mellotron death repeats the whole shebang meditation with cavernous beats and dance-behind-the-door of fiery oceans. Keeps one lonely, keeps the foot on flying the tube metal pedal travel through the stars and noise of this machine kills fascists and roads towards the rising sun of orange and yellow and blackhole never land never return.

The whole movin’ and a groove struggle to repeat that third eye siren again take cover cause this tune will grab ya in the cult of ceremony systems. Arrange five minutes of mazery and the Bosch-like captain’s log we go here and there with some comfort into things especially of death, it is another birth. Phosphene lights in the dark activate the habit, watch the road and watch the comets move like a pattern of 108 archetypes. Did you see that white thing run across the road? Maybe a whale, maybe an LSD exposed to it twelve times. Pure sanity surrealism rules the moment so cleanse the doors. Live in the moment, clutch the amulets, 2000 months of the present further and further. Reverse sounds of the satans telling you to live well like the Tao like nature, live for yourself and live fast and be aware of those synchronicities and ride-whatever-mystic eternal return symbols thank you Nietzsche and Jung.

Five minutes of impermanence and talking flowers and variety in evolution space melody nice for HOBO traveling sleep smoker see what’s out there. Love must be repeated please please Mr. and Mrs. Nod like the side nod and nod-scene they are awake and with it till the death mask backwards sounds like there is a message in there cause we repress but still figure it out. Like choice-cut edibles and dabs, a picture frame for 2000.

Always start from zero with the gaze of creatures and a clear gap of abstraction at the end, beauty. Display the parameters and dynamics of the line outside the box and live outside the box on the road and think also if it rewards you rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ a thousand stars watching the beast of graceful motion and explosions of the old in the sky, Kerouac approved. Time is infinite 100 days will be in the dark, evaluate and repeat, destroy and create, freeze and pixelate, the holy desert will always be there but you might die tomorrow so head for the hills and the stars and the milky way await the human and the mandalas and the crop circles and sounds invisible but with heavy and psychedelic distortion-instinct before the word…


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