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8 days beers to go between deaths while listening to The Jesus Lizard's "Liar" album 1992

Life is suffering, life is pain, life is short, life is calculated cut bangs Johnny gold, life is fire in the hole box riffs, in a cardboard box narration cohesion tight solid layers with slithery urgency. Just like the snow falling whenever it wants to no matter what day it is, nature doesn’t care, life is filled with shit possessed-flies-harmonies meaningless shit and a few things one can attribute meaning to that generally don’t have any anyways like the blue hair shuffle rock ‘n’ roll style and concrete bed textures, or, simplicity is a god Pieta-you-are-beautiful or USA stereotype vampire doctor. Knock it down to some situations (spitball imagery) of underground meaning live in the moment in-the-situation-emotion that’s all we have we will die maybe nature does care though. Be ready just in case there is something somewhere in the universe. Converge revolution mind-change and piss on the fake ambience with a don’t give a fuck social function.

Death opens new possibilities on both sides of the white light barrier. Those that survive self-defense psyche and those that move on to the next usually running towards death subconsciously knowing the end with 13 saloon pistols doomsday and one foot over the line knowing what’s on the other side comforting and drunk with theory crown surgical whiskey shots. On the other side is freedom, freedom as a state of mind and when the holy ghost says it’s time.

Only a bunch of words placed one after the other like weird abstract art-stripes asemic letters of meaning but maybe life experience counts more, maybe not disengage from thoughts and take the risk beyond the rules speed-kills-context take a drag better than suffering or else like a falling snow blanket on the earth cozy and warm in places blood lake beast melody but not all of ‘em, just the proper places like the panic room drama in meaningless places. A gamble where and when of the street the shady anti-Leave It To Beaver alley and of the mountain and of the desert. Different moods like coming upon the next radio station after tuning right or left random and chance experience of what is playing on that station the instruments will become you. Systems and entropy and science and compassion and randomness let’s die dark times 2020s let’s dance…


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