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Abstraction : Piet Mondrian/Robert Motherwell as madness and modernism

Isolated yet receptive beings destroying memory.

…Hyperconscious aimlessness and passivity are intimate responses to its elemental power.

The gaze – one incapable of forming perceptual gestalts and the inability to express personal feelings.

Satisfaction of never oneself being astonished + denaturalization = phenomenon

Human subjectivity is seeking a balance and planes that may intersect.

Eradication of universal expression presupposes both horizontal and vertical.

A negative double abstractness is a social responsibility.

Art without a self and boundaries is just living in a series of moments.

Deficient figure/ground feelings are from a pre-reflective world.

The enlightened mind rejects social order, alienation, and a single perspective.

Too doubt is to represent not taste, but the truth as choice.

A lower degree of complexity is living the sensuous unreal.

My historical character is the ability to ignore lines.

A white background cuts through any influences or philosophical distortions.

Ethical static comes first in the voyage.


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