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Aesthetics with Sweet Tooth's "Soft White Underbelly" vs. Nietzsche's "Thus Spoke Zarathustra."

A book for all and none. Alt indie early 90s sloppy-numbers industrial silver and smoke squeezed-out punk exhaust squealing-slicks feedback fightin’ the laws “you’d make a great junkie” pedal acceleration saturation alien-circus rock. Spontaneous-combustion-dreams noise rock existential Hermann Hesse light. Zarathustra descends from his cave in the mountains the peacemaker cometh I don’t care anarchy Molotov run away metallic after 10 years of solitude full of wisdom and love and wants to teach humanity about the overman and holy sadness cross it up drone loops. In the town of The Motley Cow and museum of without a flute he announces the meaning of the earth. Star cat loser scraping mankind is a bridge between animal new moon hermetic birds fight rats and overman. The overman is free of prejudice and morality and creates his own value and purpose unlike the Tower of Babel shootin’ lies church of love burns pain.

At the end of the first day no eyes teardrops gangles and smiles frown Zarathustra is saddened in his ability to move the “herd” in his overman direction. The hammer falls ceremony he speaks to only the few Venus in furs story time surgery that seem interested separating themselves from the herd last of the southbound satans. They value struggle and hardship, the road is difficult like meeting the buddha 3am shark attack and requires sacrifice. Like climbing a mountain or the river in reverse bizarro beauty, the free-spirit of the overman is represented by laughter and dance and harshly critical of all mass-movements like rain-on-the-serpent-distortion Christianity, nationalism and mass-politics by which the weary and weak try to escape themselves while Patti Smith swallows mountains.

Zarathustra sums up his preaching with the doctrine of the eternal recurrence waiting for another sun rising angular which claims all events will repeat themselves again and again forever. Only the do some damage world-eater overman accepts this because he feels responsible for his own actions liquor and drugs lobotomy deranged. But he cannot bear the thought of the plastic ears freak-out dynamic-rhythms mediocrity that will be repeated without improvement.

Only a few reach towards the overman top floor word virus on alert and enjoy feast and song in Zarathustra’s cave in the mountains sans a deuce and miss me urgency. They all embrace the voodoo-nuggets-odd-underbelly doctrine and the thought that “all joy wants deep, wants deep eternity.” Weary dark and a 1000 10,000 midnights forever.


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