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after Xasthur prison of mirrors

Looming dissonance the crossing has begun over the field through the silver and gold and wood and thistle and weed and flowers, flowers of evil travel here for seven years not so much according to the law. And then we got the trees of evil dying is the nighttime every night. Remove mountains, the bullets, and the friction rough around the edges of doom martyr down flame. Not sharp edges but continuous forever various kinds of tongues getting sanded down rough then fine.

The guitar into terror fuzz flying insects warfare and hate and kamikaze and through his grace forget the past and the future cause who should care enough with a revolution parade. Look through the windows found to be sinners with atmosphere of a couple lights hovering over the water hope-ocean river of deceit red, yellow and blue basic blasphemy. All the flaming arrows and hopeless and the world undone.

Shivering lights in the sleeping dark constantly praying with joy just a needle and thread to save a life open the cut. Keep a life cause self-improvement doesn’t matter. I am to live in the flesh. The atheists on white horses and the taste for darkness and the nature of the things almighty reigns. Prison of your own, stand in silence, heart stuck in visible throne-of-his-father stoppage of time come watch the soft walls.

Time to check yourself and piano play your hands are power and might and a useful life you fucking nihilists keeping on just let it out. The lord is my rock-nothingness in the end lost it twice. What do we take in the end but mind and experience and love thy neighbor they cried for help. What do we know in the end your mind is dead but we should have done some things differently, mistakes in the mirror look aghast at one another. Catch it sooner than later and religiousness aura overhead the meek of the earth to keep us in prison.

Spectrum kill them before your eyes of the bible and obeying and your wounds. Take the wine and the body of Christ, she got no bones Christ riders like the jewels of a crown through the desert at night, 42 nights sowing of peace and frown-filled roads the bardo been low and signs of the times and directions to see the ghosts will appear to you. The bonded by blood holy ghost is always there or never there you cannot be saved. Move your hand in the shape of a cross. Do that after everything you do just in case you were marked. Upside down sometimes too. Follow the ghost it will work miracles then ride the tree on a pale green horse.


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