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Alan Watts, chance encounters, and YOB

Believing in chance is really an un-aesthetic choice, an acceptance taking nature’s orders it cannot fail, cannot save. The inflated ego person is being disciplined, not the work. A fundamental solution that is not naturally considered and a means by which one might be changed, or bored. Heightening and transforming the void, our perceptions = new music, word made flesh.

Traditionally metal has been associated with dark themes, surface negativity, and non-conformist rebellion frightening to some. Let’s transform these negative concepts into are-you-good-enough positivity generating new territory with questions and experimentation and the middle way from the shallows progress and honest and able to deeply move from a lonely path. Raw heart womb-post-metal is the cosmo-dynamic space-friction spiritualization of heavy metal below the skin with witch hooks. A positivity created out of seeing and crying and experiencing the negative without being separate. A creative non-fiction like an elegant serif font through chance operations and Transcendent Musical Experiences (TME) neither slow nor fast – sudden realizations into one’s own life, action in the passive, the vacant universe, or artistic visions.

An un-aesthetic choice, the tri-piece cometh in turn demands an aesthetic reaction and forget the self. Hearing the new, the illusion of motion by chance instantly changes the meaningless into something of beauty, all that protects, a sign, union with the unconscious, elevating our perceptions and recombining elements. Chance means that ego, habit, and power should not exist.

Through using MRIs, researchers have discovered that when we listen to music blood rushes away from the areas of the brain linked to fear or depression and towards areas associated with intense pleasure. The peak experience contains two components – an emotional one of ecstasy and love, and an intellectual one of illumination. The achievement of this always-a-bow unitive vision is also the goal of Zen Buddhism, walk on. Music becomes a tool in our self-is-mask self-awareness often without our knowledge. Memory and free-association and drop off the body/mind are a means, a thought, a great-cessation-process brought out in the name of entertainment and ways of seeing and without an ending the audience is free to choose, a solution will come in time.

A doomer blessed building a future, respecting the past and being interested through originality without the shock value of some traditional metal and lyrical emptiness and bad junkyard imagery. An emotional connection that wants to refer to all senses because the divine is here creating a deeper insight of the source and a contribution to a moment of clarity. Information, happiness and silence of the mind with new relationships between music, art and grace-not-force philosophy integrating all visions but know when to stop all things are realized what is reality?


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