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Artaud and I visit India

1. Our judgments are clouded by a measure of sensual emotions and that baritone inside and out OM.

2. One must be in possession of the totality of one's mind going through the no sun alley like the sun walking.

3. The soul of man is not in words, but in running fast rivers bliss.

4. All obscure understanding is like the act of constantly returning home.

5. The clear mind belongs to matter and flowering abstraction.

6. One should be in-line with the wholeness of the nerves.

7. Cows and dogs and pigs and monkeys and evil are without sin.

8. Snakedance as point of absence be on the lookout.

9. The terrible inertia of shedding the shields vulnerable.

10. A split in the road hunted down by life do good.

11. Abyss and pain, you are only words.

12. The gravedancer believes only in intuition and love.

13. Blood is cryptic poetry.

14. At once creative slaves and social destruction.

15. You can understand the catastrophe by moving in a circle 10 times.

16. That god that forced you to touch ground and live.

17. The jewels and rust sparkle profound mystery.

18. Waiting for god to win back the void.

19. Prepare the costumes.

20. Feed intellectually on the initiates.

21. Wherever the machine is, first remove the shoes.

22. Can never die completely so don't fake your humanity.


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