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Avant-garde art-spirit-doom six feet above

Some words about the Sunn O))) Scott Walker collaboration.

1. Baritone triggers sensual heroics sound.

2. Your collection of ephemeral experiences tells what sounds you like. This may be religious too - church like sense of place.

3. Intimate listening may be better than reading about it.

4. Is art harmful like Christian fundamentals, the bible, the alien animal yelps.

5. Sanity can be confusing if not enough credit given to thinking.

6. Drone-layers-hierarchy as it was called on the streets of Atlantis.

7. Is vocal cultivation soothing yes?

8. Some say don't trust the open-minded, I say not like a lighthouse.

9. Marshall McLuhan politics of medium and suicide.

10. Conscious creativity can make music boring, or a novelty.

11. When a sound becomes an archetype - art intelligence.

12. In a Zarathustra phase charismatically coming down the mountain.

13. The rewards of patience are loving without owning a dog and thinking abstractly.

14. Some things destroy themselves with repetition but this stuff is monastic Apollonian ritual.

15. Over the edge the Pope might say - advanced transcendence.

16. Not cliche new forms, or random, but beardless intention.

17. Powerful also in-theory, nurturing.

18. An image and a thesaurus may help the listening experience, a partial reflection it is.

19. Emotionally psychedelic.

20. A vessel of refined energy not raw.

21. Objectivity doesn't exist during your listen, or in a lifetime, or ten days a week.

22. Timeless in a throw-away culture like a skull eternal.


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