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Creed, philosophy without a hammer, and the Lazarus Effect

If you like rock ‘n’ roll and don’t like a little Creed and their lyrics you are dead inside and/or an asshole. People don’t like what they don’t understand. Dig deep inside. Some of you need not even dig too deep. I fucking dug deep, was patient, curious and open-hearted destroying attachments and ego and ears.

I never purposely listened to these songs back in the day. I first heard them then accidently on a contemporary hard-rock/conventional classic rock radio station in tiny Sheboygan, Wisconsin while stocking conventional groceries on graveyard shift for two years. Creed is an uplifting light in my darkness…. and THAT is a slight exaggeration.

These are the only songs by Creed that I can listen to, only these four. I don’t like the others that I am aware of. I am sometimes dead inside and/or an asshole.

One day at work I listened to the songs on repeat, about 50 times that day. I drive for a living.


“My Own Prison”

“With Arms Wide Open”

“My Sacrifice”

Here are some thoughts of mine after listening to the same four Creed songs about 150 times each. Don’t watch the MTV videos. :)

1. One for the ages - it is human nature to create a being higher than ourselves that resides on another plane.

2. Our fear of the dark arts is an infantile disorder that will need to be lived through as a transition period to get into more peaceful times.

3. Mystic security burns perpetually good, but not on every level of existence, like 1980s pop culture.

4. The crimson crow induced mind is a creative instrument concerned with ultimate ideas.

5. You only get one chance to doubt the survival of Hell, they used to say…

6. Truth cannot be criticized because it is subjective, it is a self-reflective oath.

7. An interdimensional madman is holy.

8. To find evil in a cathedral is not the end of the search for an absolute polar unity.

9. The goal of mysticism is to obtain nothing through the process.

10. Euphoric-Zen can be an enemy-of-life.

11. Are you willing to kill the reflection in order to rise again?

12. The tortured-artist-latitude inhibits progress.

13. Notorious authenticity is about crying and not clinging to anything. The authentic human does not exist today.

14. Rock ‘n’ roll poetry consists of subtracting to zero, stripping it down, getting to naked ideas and concepts. Love.

15. General language and reconciling all opposites are what God is.

16. Rigorous male + female = seeing that as one being entering “the kingdom.” A third mind is created between them.

17. In the prison of mirrors one sees pure origin as only itself, there is nothing else to compare it to.

18. Self-fulfilling prophecy is toxic and death at work.

19. The highest acts are astral and aesthetic, She will call you when you are ready to be initiated.

20. Debauchery and Jesus-as-mythmaker – those two concepts only disturb me in theory…

21. The feckless martyrs keep essence-nature to themselves thinking it’s a sacrifice for the whole, taking one for the team.

22. The first phase is erasing the void, let’s get past that. The second phase would then be hysteria. Chaos precedes progress.

23. Paradox and neo-being are the same.

24. Seeking the source of kindness through philosophical deconstruction of the music genre post-grunge.

25. It is not harmful to mix the spirit of thorns, Christ, and Satan.


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