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Death, DMT, and the angel-headed-Beat cut-up riffs collaged square and circular art

  1. Undefined “hip” attitude about things wired for the experience that gods and devils will die together.

  2. Their common language of don’t let the spirit find what its looking for, or, the Beat is drained of all energy to compete anyways.

  3. Seeking authority from within will expand awareness and capture a beauty that implies death.

  4. To seek the epiphany deliberately on earth is to lose it – after death comes loss of individuality but “consciousness” lives.

  5. In parallel universes, meaning determines form-as-spirit with no end.

  6. Unsystematic philosophy of the artist is leaving behind gifts that hold layers of reality.

  7. That art is most enduring is simple raw data. Reason can corrupt the purity of that truth.

  8. The end may justify the means because what might be left to say comes after death by the hand of god.

  9. Science and religion merging creates destruction – In theory rhythm of dropping out, listening, and dropping back in.

  10. Our humanity has value only as a transition with fear and time a natural opponent of love, a transition.


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