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...don't tell me what to do zen and the art of Husker Du's Zen Arcade

Zen Arcade indie-heart 3 piece band acting like 6 just starting to be a thing in the early eighties melody and harshness combined like punks and hallucinogens not just the hard drugs cocaine and colors.

Nothing’s ever solved let it go Zen philosophy ways of seeing win or lose do the best you can all the same doesn’t matter.

Fuzz guitar turn it on right here right now distortion more than one right way to the same destination death and peace and awareness and a kinder higher consciousness leave the house sometimes.

Vocals of passion with no dependency on words intense point of no return stepped over the edge standing by the sea is an order from nature needing to get the point across personal relationships read the lyrics too.

Punk 1984 do what thou wilt democracy important progressive times change nonetheless and experience stuff.

Transition years hit the pops and need rebellion just say no but eastern wisdom say hello to New York City and John Cage chance encounters.

70s New York proto-punks Television, Patti Smith roses ‘round her head seeking nothing, and the Talking Heads taught us one side is lyrically sacred and the other sonically profane pave the way I will never forget you forget yourself.

Life just has to be worked through --- good or bad no good and no bad it just is don’t have to be great just play it punk in your face rippin’ yellin’ common sense trying to be a hero with no ego.

Taking musical risks growth and progress and being fearless all healthy things catharsis-like for both artist and listener especially the live show and suffering.

Head-bang punk style the pogo the outsider the rebel the innovator the outlaw poet college rocker Pixies posters on the wall ashes on the floor cry yourself to sleep and go within.

Not like the Ramones street-rock but contemplative love-punk let’s get human never an answer human communication and intimate conversations who what where and most importantly why?

Black and white is gray be like water Mississippi river rushing Minneapolis Midwest work ethic pioneering punk rock anger and would rather be alone...



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