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Evolution of obscurity - Lowburn

Lowburn, sloburn, slowburn, lowrider, low-desert, stony, stonier, stonage, stoned burn baby burn up and down heavy meditation rocks and rolls. The new album Phantasma out now. Four seasoned Finnish vets founded in 2012 and not a usual invention from Finland turning inward and taking Kyuss-ness for a magic riff-ride. Good ol’ fashioned post-stoner-rock, a new tradition that grows on a new type of tree with a ripe winner today…equivalent to the barren, the absent, the silence of Finland, all the best of Finland. Musty-odor good-dirty dynamics and hooks not towards a silence, not dead yet like white moss and stuff and green nature stuff it wants to expand and move to remember and to forget. The light in the dark of these tunes is the no-fucking-around vocals that say we know deeper layers of existence and planets’ insides and outsides and stars and holes and blackness.

Phantasma busts off with first track “My Doom Dealer” wearing a Heavy brand t-shirt on Quaaludes and says if the sound floats…well you know, it’s not heavy enough. Lowburn does not float, it’s a post-metal creep-up avalanche during “Freaks” and a living in the “Cloud Valley” of all the deaths consuming elegant depressants my face to the flame, the guitar, the bass, the drums. Lowburn also melts the middle, not just the surface. “Walking On Thirds” delivers a restful sleepwalker, melodic and dreamy to offset the usual rock ‘n’ roll before Sunday grunge renunciation “Song Of A Preacher” guilty of all seven deadly sins. Remove him from the listening pleasure room and spark ‘em pocket chamber weed session cause we got some early nineties noise rock up for ya. The album closes out with the hypnopompic nothingness state of lucid eyes heavy-psych jam collective like a twenty piece but only four solid fuzz-texture-fighters chunky ‘n’all and don’t forget the opium-den guitar solos and hookah hits and famous run-on riffs like a Lester Bangs sentence….keep on…

Send along some purity ears to listen and a keep-on-truckin’-mood with a custom van to relax indoors kind of by a campfire and some empty liquor bottles and a river of renewal and refreshment. It’s a keeper of treasure within guarded with an infinite knife cut.

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