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Evolution of obscurity - Mad Nomad

Here are some words song by song of my 2019 album of the year by Mad Nomad....

1. Pink Piranha - They weren't dead at the door and they were engaging, syrupy, scuzzy, grimy organized old Portland mess cast into the sea-ultra-tone surpassing an over-rated Electric Wizard.

2. Never Forget - Syd Barrett for-the-sins-psych don't repeat yourself like thrones drones mirror of the mad melodies.

3. Conviction - That try to be a radio-riff may not be on-airable like irritated snakes doin' the dynamics of tree-sludge-stumps stumptown high business rock low brow.

4. Backdoor Woman - Shove it in there thick blood stoner-riffs from angular axes, isosceles drums, T.V. eyes don't yell at me to walk out like sob crying.

5. Disappear In - The smell of worn leather, wayside rest-stop water, piss, smoke and textures as if they were talking with God.

6. Come Watch Us Die - The innocent paradise layered from old photos falling art-noise-metal thinking of ideas spread like paint smeared on canvas flowers by Cy Twombly.

7. Disappear Out - The nihilist song. Goodbye and die molasses from 1969 the end.



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