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Evolution of obscurity - Pist

Pist – Hailz - 2019

So, the philosophers ultimately say the same thing many times, in different ways, with different words, trying to keep it real. Unknown genres, how many under the hood, the genre police, mixed-media collage, all is one, parts of the whole, everybody is everything, gestalt, splice yourself a bit everywhere, spectrum of the experimental, I like that one the best. Philosopher monks have earned the right to listen, maybe you too. They also say creation of forms are symbolic of human feeling, but too much control will be cold, mechanical and uninspired. Certain combinations produce serious “sickness.” Understanding begins with the perfect placement of elements and maintains itself by craft and sometimes force. All you need to know about this Pist album is it’s a mix of Pantera and Black Metal. Done. Those two are arguably in the top three things to say about the history of metal in general. The listening experience is etched on the face of the earth next to a cemetery. Memories you shall have.


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