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evolution of obscurity with Soundgarden.

The evolution of obscurity and the subtleties of repetition series continues with a Soundgarden deep cut titled "Uncovered" from their 1989 album Louder Than Love.

Pioneering slow and heavy pre-post-metal arty neo-Zeppelin rockin’ rollin’ pacific northwest mountain peaks and abysses and mother earth up here please help us.

Fuzzed-out intro the patience-riff wait for it…(are you you are) death symmetrical and sonic repetition. You wear the many masks many people you are take it off deception illusion and lies. We are small creatures but can change things and alter course the butterfly effect is all life experience already scripted calligraphy on a face in some other dimension… ping ping ping let it go sad riff crying for a life turns to a grab some attention chorus of love wins always. A gravity heavy guitar pushing down on the body that needs to be closer to the earth, earthy friction and real quick rollin’ and lifting up the introvert spirits. Nowhere to hide so take it off and fucking breath (have you you have) (I am that am I).

These are the secrets of the exiled no reason why. Rock ‘n’ roll cures, Jesus saves, Rumi has some beautiful words Lao Tzu too, and Alfred Jarry’s absurdity of the mask I sold my soul to myself.

Grunge-metal in the woods triple peaks hoofin’ it by the trees and the birds and the owls of grunge but not dirty noble-ass nature. Look into the abyss, that special carpet pattern floor, the owl, the riff of empathy and ego death I sold my soul to myself.

Dirty trees and dirty lies till the end question mark...


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