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Existentialism while listening to Bard Pond's Lapsed album

Everything is permitted says an unhinged Mr. Roboto because god does not exist. It lacks danger in the abstract realms like the 13th circle. The subversive world lives through coyote artistry, a community breathes, forgets borders, the world as organism, unearthly waves, a state of mind in utero. Let us understand our own lives of consistent fear and the sun and the earth under hell loners pitfall mud, an eye and a hand convention of indie noise slither-rock. Green man cometh trailblazing existential truth is lived not just thought, with an intellectual attitude, no doctrines or dogma or laws or vintage fonts or the heartless slumber scene down in the bardo. The only escape is within the world of ideas. Absurdity and apparitions overcome by creativity one with reality transformed into ecstasy – exterminator predator Dionysian – transcendent artistic creation and wild abandon with the tail cut off. The heights of culture big city friction ‘n’ streetlights and the depths of the electric-chair primitive. They are not subject to skid row beauty or pleasant form but by expression of pain and passion and wastes of time, words only a medium to convey orange opium den musical mood and old black ambience crusted.

The true self dudey nit-pick as freedom with death included. Philosophical suicide forget the past and the future tons of freaks. Existence is continuous potato-love self-transcendence in an ugly universe given meaning by a projection out of nothingness, the void. We always look into the abyss absence awaiting the saturated overflow presence trying to fill up an empty aces life sold my soul. Emptiness and impermanence and the 6th coming a solid truth. Non-attachment, align, grasp nothing, hold onto nothing and in return expect no-thing. Nothingness commands.

A smokescreen-cough-crushed-by-melody trip to find oneself doesn’t ever work out maybe a long drive in a speeding hearse maybe through the desert blocks of bonkers at night. Ability to feel lost drone rambling, save the water, stay tragic drugstore cowboy and responsible, accountable, justify behavior and the inside will come and show itself like abrasive angels. The kingdom is within wizard demiurge inspired by total hopelessness eat trash beautiful losers.

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Matt Stofflet
Matt Stofflet
21 mars 2021

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