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Fear the mask, suicide creeds, and some Mudhoney superfuzz

Gimme grit gimme grime gimme grunge dirt holes gimme danger gimme love gimme 6-pack heaven bent between there and hell almost gone gimme more want to be free always a drug-train ride our machines never stop no hassle ‘til death do us part. Culture goes deep for a while until the next life so take me to a higher place afterlife with a bedazzled noose could be better. We are in hell now on two-timer human earth let’s find a way for world happiness and don’t steal my sleep and success is doing what you want to do each day and love and danger DebraJean included little candy hearts.

In the beginning the word mouth fulla words and mouth fulla “vitamins” let’s roll draggin’ boulders outta my way. A belly fulla rocks let’s rock & roll multi-riffdom catharsis cry-for-mercy-rock maybe a stagedive or two. Watch your head love to hate on the way down save me lord got some blood and mish-mash floor muck and earplugs and coins and a dollar left sticky.

One way ticket to obscene fuzzville-critique doing it the best in Seattle burn-it scenes of rain and hard character and wash away and suicide creeds and heroin anthems and fresh sober times ahead, darkly optimistic with dual-grace health is better, preserve the mystery. Lost your mind with repeated signs at least you know you did, paranoid. Scratchy rock and roll strategy not the easy way but if we take the alley gonna be a shit-punk shit-show with the antichrist again. Secrets of pacific northwest fuzz-ride mud-ride attitude flannels and fashionable ripped jeans keep warm and some boots for that moist ground hats look good and warm and keep the non-conformity long hair in place don’t worry no worries scum scrawl west-coast vibes and some hot springs and a sick sauna and a wandering-aimlessly-dip keep it cult ‘cause life is suffering. Fuck it dude fuck it, no hassles man.

Climb the mountains sometimes gutter rocks walk on water drum dance mosh like a Jesus real deal. He loved nature we all should too, godlike-nature and cosmic luminous arts we all gonna die meaninglessly so reject the story…whatever…keep it outta my face enunciation. Fear will kill you slowly, what you feel, you rot. Some fear god, some fear a lot of gods, some fear the neighbor of confused murmur. Come on man be nice, psychology over aesthetics, we all good underneath the mask enslaved…?…fear the mask…it hides…

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