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Getting initiated with The Cult.

word collage -

1. She Sells Sanctuary - The invisible substance of the cosmos does not have limits, and the earth she drags me down.

2. Fire Woman - Possessed like a flame during a mystery slow-dance-night.

3. Spiritwalker - Let all the dynamic children kiss the that is always a relevant angle.

4. Revolution - Infinite perspectives in never ending dreams not superficial.

5. Love Removal Machine - Science could offend, return to the red room then...

6. Sweet Soul Sister - Do not critique a midnight crush boogie ruins-scene.

7. Rain - Open the sky mirror and don't let anybody come down yet.

8. Edie - A pre-existing-heroine-Edie stars wrapped in your hair, without a care.

9. Heart of Soul - Invent meaningful connections, like the blues they swirl around me.

10. Wild Flower - The fragile myth of a wild honey child.

11. Sun King - Discovering children in the house of a paradise dawn soothes.


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