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Gnosis and Uncle Acid

Some invisible Gnostic warriors and my "self" collaborated on this list. Written with thoughts of a review for the new Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats album titled Wasteland.

1. Sons of the Demiurge headlining fuzz-fest 2018.

2. The band has a fixation on the concept of evil that comes only from the mind. Knowing thyself is the devil's work.

3. The 13th kingdom houses that signature vocal performance.

4. Jesus can now play guitar solos because he paid his dues.

5. Continuous and complacent curse-metal.

6. There is a god above god, and her name is 70s Judas Priest-rollin' sabbath style.

7. The genesis of individualism starts swimming underground in absinthe and potion #33.

8. The good and the evil mystic "Escape From Alcatraz" soundtrack.

9. Divine madness dead-eye with one foot always over the edge.

10. The ouija thought that dwells in the light is one of sonically smooth transitions and nothing quirky or angular or acute. Classic psych.

11. Creation as mistake, blood doesn't exist.

12. Everything is a darkland funeral march releasing the body-pod into outer-space.

13. They have no need for our peace, or hand-clapping, or worshiping nothing at all.

14. Those damned Doors-like keyboards imprison us like the cycle of reincarnations.

15. An elders' weedian garage-party knife ritual counting the number of demons, cuts.

16. The four horsemen miss the "Blood Lust" groove.

17. Impermanence - Lost Sheep.

18. The highest consciousness is feminine...but what about rats...Uncle knows better to die than lose.



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