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Gurus of non-failure, thrift stores, and the radio can make you realize that this may be a dream...

and from experience, so can Husker Du’s Warehouse: Songs and Stories

Chance, spontaneity, and the always looked for decline of western culture, scratch that, I mean the decline of lifestyle patterns.

John Cage may have liked thrift stores, the not knowing of what’s inside, but knowing that you’ll like it. The experience of going is what’s important, and necessary. Leave your habits at the door. Chance is it, the find, buy it, spontaneous, it’s going to be gone tomorrow, like the whole of today, and the more you think about something, the more likely negativity will set in. Don’t let that “Bob” Dobbs book just sit there waiting. Chance precedes change.

Same with listening to the radio back in the day – chance, the DJ as guru, controller of someone else’s experience, indirectly. Making one conscious of their lives, but not getting involved – thank you for that Marcel, single-handedly changing the course of the world in 1917. I’ll stop there and put on “four minutes thirty-three seconds of silence,” because it’s repetitive, and impossible?


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