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Justin Broadrick, birds and Burroughs

Some words (14) after "End of the Road" by Jesu released in 2007.

song lyrics -

these scars don't heal I don't mind

there's a path somewhere I can't find

losing again I don't mind

I'll be at peace still inside

here is a related piece I did with birds during a trip to India 2017

1. crippling nausea created wings, and purity created the sisyphusian beat cohesion of womb-like warmness.

2. the totality of a memorable one last breath and building a nest past and always the future leanings.

3. the drones sacrifice themselves or/vs. the luminosity of an EDM hopscotch ambience.

4. a calculated, innocent, and narrow vocal texture from a galaxy far far away alien birds sing human.

5. there is no divine return from those decisive hooks and snakes.

6. there is absolute freedom in the artificial-trying-hard-layers...try it once...

7. unknown 100 mile run. 1000 yard keep the faith stare dynamics approach the edge..."approach."

8. waiting 3 minutes for the obscure melody of hospice-metal dark arts.

9. hungry junkies do the opiate-fear-whirl-shuffle indulgence.

10. the elegant tao-sounds-right harmonies intact deepfreeze...keep it buried until the time is right.

11. watch out for the warning signs says burned and branded bishop of renunciation and immediate confession karma.

12. the shadow voices say I am that I am and nothingness drama appears after years of meditation.

13. the failed mind that walks beside you riff is like love floating six feet above.

14. the I love you suffering until death artistry.



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