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Magic potion weirdery and crossing the line with The Stooges

Hey yah high-speed red-eye my name is icon Iggy, I live on the top floor. Luka lives on the second floor. Thirteenth floor doesn’t exist sometimes but this building has levels of density and indefinite grayness. Better living there than taking it raw to the sacred and profane gutter, depends, cause heads are gonna roll if we land there head first. The red lighting door that leads to the pleasurable beauty filled roof is the one that will set you free, and also listening to the sandpaper texture-filled Funhouse album by The Stooges mi amigos we’re all going to hell anyways especially your pretty face.

Take a couple beers or NA beers to the roof and look at the stars, the knower is a great knowing nomad. Maybe some bonger hits or doob breathing or White Claw or force-field tequila shots or whiskey sours will work too. Loosen up and get a little strung out and experience some 5 out of 5 skulls punk artistry rock ‘n’ roll not pop in 1970 while pondering alien harmonic far-out melodies and mind control and the link between yesterday and today time travel or else go for it stronger than moonshine music sittin’ next to the deathbird deathbed and plants and some meaningless flowers and herbs for a nice rooftop garden. Promote the underground. DIY that shit and keep yer eye in the sky feeling productive.

After a while Funhouse has a lot/no calculated spiritualization because of the smoking of the pipes with the snake ensemble and starting the nod what does it mean, nothing? The nod scene in all positivity, or the Indian side nod is always a good one don’t know yes or no, meaning is subjective or yes will do and Shiva the destroyer-god approves.

Think about jumping off the “roof” or going out of your mind cause you’re not right if you don’t. Walk the edges with infinite nobility. The other side is a hot organic creation. I think Hunter S. Thompson and Rimbaud said something like you have to cross the line for full effect and you may not come back. Jon Bon Jovi said the same thing in one of the 1980s most popular pop-rock songs “Wanted Dead or Alive.” Iggy druggy indulgence crossed a bunch however elegantly, he’s still alive.

You’re not gonna jump just yet but at least you thought about it, congrats. The first step is admitting that you have a problem, out-of-mind. Rock ‘n’ fucking roll slithery riff alley stroll instead of jumping, searching for the dangerously weird with style and I hope not from the amateurs.

Funhouse helped defined a new genre with a rejection of history whatever that is and they expanded the rules and probably their minds in strange ways and a voyage through time, there isn’t a vortex map for the neo-existentialist.



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