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Nature and pills and death and a Cathedral doom groove

Gorgeously heavy-churn artistry always about the movement. Everything vibrates and the rhythm principle sticks mental and physical ride the train ride upside hooks rollin’ the slow fast body stationary but the mind cosmic mind traveler traveling soul sacrifice TCOB run-on riffsville contest of the self, meaningful carriers can only beat yourself. Non-reductionist no care for others’ progress but what you have done better each day. Into the future growth and sentient one-mind cohesion compassion wipe that frown from a grieving mood.

Melodic stoner doom-groove digging deep ten feet under will keep it there no chances taken only randomness rules and god knows why and we just live and don’t know the real picture simulation Darwinian elemental nature live and die theories of nihilism and heaven and aliens and drooling snakes maybe.

Thick indulgence forgiveness metal falling leaves fall off the bike can’t even get on drunk but we move on and graduate whatever, doesn’t matter on paper. Cut off the shirt sleeves worn-out-black the sun a friend today and a lot of days autumn sonic-mind pop-doom like wind through the trees don’t mess with nature and buried earth-rocks texture.

The noble pied-piper with pills and nostalgic positive thoughts like seductive Portland they can take the punches and a you can do it attitude feel the groove some classic heavy metal out there watching the ocean. Tales of destruction and the richer void looking west pacific style midnight mountain as long as it’s moving, form and space are one. Moving west the movement hills will always come around power of abstract karma will surface and mind-moving is even better, navigate that spaceship, the wheel, the machine, the speed, the sound.

The pulse of piper pill shovel modifies consciousness all we need is medicine everything is gonna be alright yup, purgatory at worst bardo possibly, we die death killed by death new world in death. Intimacy awaits. Simulate the geometric death grid with dynamic hands kinda looks like regular sign language making the clean system but this time looks like witchy ancient patterns put a spell on you a necessary ritual. Sometimes people are doing that on street corners, an unsettling drama see it in every city embrace the evolution of retro always the same but different multiple points of entry. Everything needs to get out of our system, headbang and expect to fail sometimes like this pen, and context.

Cathedral like a Patrick Woodroffe painting, blue lighting Bosch-like grim luxuria surrealian mangled faces and colorful 70s stripes and floating things with figures morphing and flowers burning as perfection in ruins keep the faith upside-down cross, how what why when where who, ultimately fade to white…


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