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Noise aesthetics - Velvet Revolver's cover of Nirvana's "Negative Creep" entangled with The Doors

1. Turn on/off the present/past like animals and speak the truth - I can't remember my number because you taught me how to smoke it all. Piss in the hole and float home or get cruelly thrown overboard.

2. Society and not John Cage do not tolerate unreason or the limits or not being able to see primary colors or a bomb stuffed pork chop, therefore a life of don’t know where I’m going wandering with a no win or lose in the end.

3. Starry-eyed and Lego-smiles madmen brought out all the trouble with guttural terrible poison cubes and the Jungian sleazy-more-pills-please shadow and the end of the world is near bang bang bang, Thanatos!

4. Off my rocker forbidden cities fit-for-a-king mescaline and living rooms just move along on the road again sea of life with secrets of the exiled and give up on mankind strange days thunder Gods arise.

5. A celebration either way presence or absence uptown misanthropic man. Gonna be alright, alright, alright. Festival with all kinds of heads everyone's looking at me and hangin' in there walkin’ the edge faster hopin' for the best survival of the fittest drink the Kool-Aid gimme danger doll face. Madman as a choice let's leave this mess and dig further.

6. A song of fire flesh caravan of souls and keep yourself underground until the time is right - Self-fulfilling prophecy of last kiss eternal damnation or just finding a place to hide, one love mother earth.

7. I'm going under but Mr. Secret-fears-brain-chaos-good-trips will fix everything like overthinking-drowned-out let's get out of here speed enlightens pedal down. See you in heaven stairway to hell 8-foot. Intuition, it's the right thing to do.

8. Dionysus Maggie McGill will help whirling away paranoia and impermanence and change. God is good, get yer kicks before the shit hits the fan and the spine-cracker ear-smasher keys of looseness go against Apollo Bourgeoisie and their pockets razor deep.


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