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Pelican - studies in the middle way...

...and the origin of hearing waiting to hear what you will hear with the ear.

Neither shaved head nor long hair.

Neither for nor against, neither subject nor object.

Both slow and fast, heavy and sky bound flying.

Opposites are not opposites.

The Jack Kerouac of post-riff progressive neo-grunge.

The Pet Sounds of instru-metal.

The give up the booze and the one-night stands rock and roll.

...and a good-morning-metal to y'all trapped between heaven and hell.

a few thoughts after listening to the new tunes "Cold Hope" and "Midnight and Mescaline."

1. Is it one thing or two? It's always almost, it's on the edge. But it's not separate from life.

2. The great spirit mystery of modern metal dwells and will it explode?

3. Discovering Obi-Wan Kenobi removing borders and barriers and lines.

4. Stay gold Danzig-space vaguely familiar and meaningless.

5. Laws of nature include staring at agates and an elaborate keyboard filled room.

6. Scraping moss and lichen heavy saw fight infinite meanings.

7. Saying nothing like Abstract Expressionism is revolution.

8. The bruised mini-van of silence of the tomb metal.

9. Pure being is pure nothing like an oblong Jackson Pollock.



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