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Post-modern angels and samadhi teeth with Wolfmother's song "Dimension"

Stompin’ on energy lines I fell down in the breakthrough-eyes-on-the-road desert baby, yeah

I had nothing but a piece of paper and guitar party meandering, oh yeah, take it the distance

I had to write something down (fragile into fairyland) while peaking take me higher

And I found myself alone riding Mr. Gasser with the sound of flashes

Then I let go of everything and the devilfolk cometh towards the end riff

Into another la luna dimension happy family running to the moon

Mature lust and freedom and purple haze is in the sky want it in outer space

See the angels sixth-sense-stroke wicked eye – a truth via cosmic swirls

All these decadent pretty things we must try inviting buddha-rockdom

'Till we see the reasons why with the sound of winning, oh yeah high motorfinger

Lightning crash walking confidence on the hill tonight how low can you go, yeah

Even though we are nothing in the face of nature I got a feeling everything is gonna be alright, liberating days of darkness.

Then a waiting-soft horse came running to me in the wind, and mountains of course

Said we're gonna go to the sanctuary and do some twenty-sided dice throwin’ and don’t lie

Sound traveling lonely satellite with a teardrop shaped window, then a storm began to blow

Loaves and fishes into another dimension like an inspiring teacher

Purple haze and rubik’s cube solving caravan in the sky invading infinite planets

See the post-modern angels wicked eye and immerse yourself

All these things (predict your moodring) we must try, the only way is down

'Till we see the reasons why, oh yeah wash away sins on the edge of the woods

I got lost in the grave-burner desert baby with blueprints of the bible, yeah

I found temples and a den of pipes made out of paper and a paint by numbers, oh yeah.

They were mourning dreams drummin' in search of golden bones

We gotta ride and build dreams up out of homes and samadhi teeth

Then I let go of everything and the 3rd girlfriend, then we die

Into another dimension compared to the ocean and a candy-coated mire


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