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Rat Bones, eight balls, and some Fu Manchu on the jukebox

In search of a fu, a fu, a Fu Manchu. A neo-Beach Boys-early 60s pre-Manson defining California culture stoner rock with some deserty stuff mixed in alright alright alright. Open the van doors and let the carpet speak, show the struggle, crack some beers and scratch up the surface and see that the riff grinders get some air. Circle and square clouds of smoke come out of the side like Fast Times at Ridgemont burning the road, let it go burn-one king, leisure times surf and skate and drive culted.

Ollies and new school flippy stuff and McTwists down by the park for everybody always water around with the sun now down by the lake yah hey quarter pipe. Tony Hawk priority practice all day like Mullen then the rewards show themselves but better not to expect and video games soothe. Supershooter for the helicopters and tanks and Marios and Saturn and Mars take it to the stars space and travels through time with 80s born-into-the-modern imagery.

Skater type 1986 Independents and Rat Bones and Vision streetwear for the loyal ripper catchin’ air and maybe a ticket or two this summer (skateboarding is not a crime) – harsh toke theory is inspiration. Get in the van and chill with knowledge of the whole ‘cause tomorrow we work, work? Rebel against work, work is for suckers.

Flask-whiskey-color-rhythms go a long way with coke chaser sneakin’ in the corner mission to fulfill don’t trip yourself over narrow perspectives evolving into the cosmic sonic pleasures and copper-fuzz textures ears a poppin’ sweet harmony high don’t drop yer motorbike, bike’s for riding smooth queen of the road sissy-bar whole thing looks good kind of like a dune buggy two-wheels-possessed and metallic paint and some chrome. The green light now jump the sand from the beginning of time, squares just watch.

A million years ago time traveling through the mind-space divided, only the eight ball is left, turn up down the music to concentrate. Bartender Scotty there most of the time and also early Bob insights and beardless Eddie at night slingin’ no nonsense delight and inform, compassionate Ken is there too, all like Iggy Pop’s Dum Dum Boys. Good times breaking the rules when the falcon lands and free Winstons and Harley nods, a nod scene experience of the self every night until two a.m. hooks from captain trips.

Dimension, depth, and dreamy… Does the mind ever land? Create an art-life of confident moods keepin’ it going keep on trucking keeping on don’t waste that wasted youth evil eye dig it right where you found it – the riverwest red light district. Memories…the action is go…go for timelessness.


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