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Repetition and Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons

Repetition and Earth's album Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons

Try out the Buddhist acceptance of the middle road medium pace could be infinite structures riff-loop, loop, and loop employing repetition to cast it’s spell don’t expect the unexpected. Not an illusion of pattern and not underground chaos but efficiency and anticipation like a training in dehumanization. This isn’t confusion only if it drives you nutzo.

Consistency is quality, quality is not found in variation and precision is achieved a sterile perfection Tink Tink Tink a constant noise of the machine droney vernacular how ‘bout in a desert with deserted highways and lights in the dark and maybe a lighter for smokes and life is there a little bit existing renewed and renovated and keeping in contact with the sacred shaman-like.

Can’t escape the natural guillotine of castration keeping some honest with no need for masks heart on the sleeve rumbling antique patina rust of history there must be a disturbance, a war, a struggle for repetition to justify its existence.

A life of lives lived and death with integrity your energy floating up to the cosmos sonic science of Earth, Earth, Earthbomb universal harmony and the necessity of destroying a martyr, martyrdom rules.

Movement master of rhythm Mr. Dylan Carlson leading with a torch on the car’s hood through the desert or some pacific northwest rain transported trance hypnotic with doug firs and weed and instinct and mountains sculpted a monument right there in front of you thinking in the everlasting present. Hallucinations of grandeur one will outgrow soon enough cause its in the drums and guitar sprouting a nature right here.

But of the old stuff one never tires throwing down meaning and the power of myth which has to be repeated to be a myth unconscious compulsion to repeat we die fucking die goodbye maybe see you in purgatory the beginning of decline weirdo death symmetrical, it hits both sides living and dead dead.

Speaking of death, the more often you die the more likely you are to do it again. There is no certainty that you will gain anything else from death other than the likelihood of further death.



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