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Roky Erickson and the ashen hoof arts

Never too late or always too late or a little too late leave your body bluesy psych garage 3 car more is more style to fit everything including the mind and body and no patina slick and ready to go with some Gurdjieff originality. When needed, the other-worldly psychedelic drone-like riffs send signals the listener should question. Into the blackness being seen, violated. Maybe something will respond peacefully and maybe not a Lou Reed rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle or incubus succubus shadow people orbs in the night of the alligators and atom brains.

Everybody is strange and perfection is sterile most of the time especially if you are Dave Grohl, or a stranger. Accept dissatisfaction with tradition and move on creatively like the run on lyrics of “Slip Inside This House” and creative whatever for humans to get through a life well lived like an engaging elder saint Patti Smith not just living an existence relying on reaction atrophied on a couch.

Angelic harmonies in a demonic universe entertainment throw in some Art Bell opinion “Midnight In The Desert” predetermined paranormal phenomenons earth vs. space dynamics Roky and Art sharing notes of a Camus two-headed hook right now in heaven and hell and purgatory asymmetrical moving don’t matter, death is symmetrical and the baroque comes forward.

Maybe historic instrument-layering and an exorcism was in order, a spiritual accordance exorcism keepin’ it transforming as a calculated mindfuck and less violent and less churchy. We must everyday check our natural development and LSD indulgence and take inventory of positive essence-of-simplicity ideas and ghosts of other dimensions’ ambience of fire demons.

Early psych new-machine-distortion aesthetic pioneers through Texas and California and the voice-of-reason mind-mountains and Artaud high drama white hills and miss-me-memory stoned desert spread and glacier monolith nature systems don’t melt rivers of cohesive-with-prayer songwriters and gothic artists and drivers of the bardo method movement always on-point vernacular and aware and groovy luciferian artistry stay awake my friends (a 13thfloor achievement) in these suddenly suspended times will pass keep the protest against the man-decay.

You have everything inside and out no gods no systems no masters please, parts and wholes and gestalt and theories and fate-of-mankind conspiracies and ghosts like Harry Smith bohemian commerce my my my. To the woke, do not neglect reality and always listen to Roky at night it’s a cold night driving through the no system desert or Montana it is pure all-faces-Gysin ecstasy especially if you are alone and quite horrific like an Aldous Huxley, it is better did you see that lighting of the music in the dark but it could be anything a UFO or fires or an airport or your “self.” Cheers. You don’t even know ya blintzes - the Rumi set-up…


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