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Some thoughts while listening to High On Fire's "Surrounded by Thieves"

Urgent originality, brittle and insubstantial as demented-people-are-strange skeletons.

Dominating space with the electric energy of god’s unkind mask and desert rollin’ hard riffs.

Hit-the-floor 13th elevator Motorhead stereotype art is not made of answers.

Silence as simultaneously alive like a darker Kyuss Sky Valley era and a dead priestess hold my hand please.

The eyes and teeth blood problem is to find the real through wicked-rad external appearances.

Discontinuity brings new jackknife-anxiety content like Hecate creeper death.

Update culture with roman high poet priest artist nothing really matters anyway except black harmonies.

Patina as tradition, time, nature-is-experienced and high-strung social function.

Role of warrior-context artist is to prevent cold blooded teardrops and becoming adjusted.

The matrix of building tameless weather is a catharsis-psyche innovation.

The listener is the tear-out-the-stiches speed-style-wolves content.

The occult emo-pyramids underworld is hidden.

Emotions disarm the listener before the storm deep cavern indulgence.

Combine personal frozen-yeti-ambience experience with clinical 8th way-from-beyond observation.

Figures with sad scars as spirits trapped in mud movement matter not as religious, but of dreaming.

Intense artistic patterns are based on the mind’s eye primitive images.

Lure the listener into further depths always reaching, see right through me.

Find new mythology without religion, like a solitude powerman ten that gives meaning.

Abstraction as a dystopia-dialed-in escape with the only characteristics being lazer razor tight/raw.

The oneness of life and concealing its skeleton-velvet-essence-friction multiplicity.

Aurora borealis and all warlike-drama actions produce suffering.

Using complex forms like detention style artistry disrupts the unity of the whole moving ground quad-peaks.

Only the intuitive pillaging and heavy air are limitless.

The saw-cellar night which floods all space but is formless and connects all parallels because entropy.

No acceptance at all equals full-throttle Stooges of 21st century metal chaos.


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