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Squrl – alchemy avant

New York City rock band Squrl includes cult film icon Jim Jarmusch.

“Pink Dust” off of EP #1 released in 2013 on ATP Recordings.

– Slight industrial-chic train friction exhaustion followed with a call for 3 years silence.

– Melodic art-drone-core destruction. The track transcends their own theory.

– Saturated tone at the breaking point. Quasi-meaning creates anti-entropica energy.

– Noise rock other-than-this ambience. It could be better on paper.

– Earth-like loops. Needing a bridge never goes out of style.

– International no borders no barriers no bullshit. A compiled Jekyll and Hyde type noble long way to heaven.

– Deserted open waters, flowing, floating, everything connected, especially the deep red thoughts.

– Like getting lost nicely, circling the gates, trying to stop the sun.

– Wu-wei accepting it as it comes. A mandala feast to live ten thousand lives.

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