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Subtleties of repetition with Acid Mothers Temple

AMT 2017

9 planets, 9 hits, 9 vertebrae, 9 thoughts

Acid Mothers Temple live Portland 2019

The long tunes are a new type of lime green weather and a test in patience, thus great rewards if you stick with ‘em blue brick road.

The whole set was a game of intros, outros and guitar violations that needed to get out of their systems. Seemed like there was no middle parts, no bodies, just extremes and highlights and specifics and solos and pre-revolution.

Those stretched out sketches are making music a curved phenomenon, a boomerang needing to come back to thinking of the no-self inner pondering cutting through.

Repeat the riffs far-out far-time beats slow and fast repeat the hour of the tie-dye so uncool now cool.

The importance of unimportance is that the projected rorschach psychedelic colored visuals fell on the keyboardist front and center symmetrical perfect at times and theremin at other times.

Sweet space melody and over-the-top hazy drums quickness trance will last forever don’t drop resist.

The Grateful Dead of neo-psych space rock doing exactly what their name is and seeing them live every spring the tour of thinking man’s heavy rock you should follow them to every city and give your stuff away for free.

Ascetic pilgrims of repetition whittling bones AND the great liberators third eye.

Attention span spectrum achieved not disposable Temple-Head-Whirlers get in the van.


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