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The band Winter and the myth of Sisyphus

Updated: Jan 2

Like the myth of Sisyphus loud-master heavy and slow and repetitive-Warhol-simple and absurd, a Duchampian move as that rock keeps falling back down rhythm friction and we must push it back up the hill (10 ton achievements) we never asked for it….. Every time, it falls, it fails us, born to lose and we need to get it back together (middle hand path) and push it up the Johnny-drone hill. The rock falls back down every time and slow wins 6 foot under work with it. Memorable repetitive chaos for fucking eternity freedom mood forever don’t stop won’t stop hype up the Satan. The simplicity-in-duality god is sin concept of it all up and down gravity just one thing to do for the rest of your life move rocks. Mad wisdom and eternal frost keep on never trip up just turn on, tune in consciousness enhancement and be holy hassled. Sisyphus suicide pact maybe instead of torture fuck it man, smoking repetition kills. The rock is heavy impermanence use all your strength steady plodding along winter and winter and winter and winter all 4 seasons darklings dwell.

The band is Sisyphus with a noble life is suffering mantra and the Gurdjieff gnostic we listeners become cliff-notes-Sisyphian when listening to these songs of anti-lighting garage lit. Winter is harsh with Viking imagery, ancestor-rock and cavemen riffs and origins. Screams and dreams got the soul. Existential crisis torment hand-picked layers. Meaning vs. meaningless quality of regular daily existence and moving on to what end..?.. no end fuckery. Fossil wrecker apocalypse and the dust turning into dust the four corners of the earth implode.

Jesus bones servants of the warsmen heavy metal stereotypes duty and destiny death cluster-nothingness keep away darkness rise and conquer. Peter pan-ish anti-archetype tales to tell. A history is important and entertaining with loyalty abound and blood is thicker than water. All for the pocketbook gods y’all sacrifice and martyr and penance and fortress building revolt-ambience sprouting wings like angelyptic super-fox Atlantean times storm-dusk ‘til dawn witch tongue.

Left with metal-tone indulgence, gloom doom harmonies underneath and around as above so below.


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