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The Cherubs - Live review 4/30/2024 - Turf Club MN

The chainsaw fuzz buzz drone feeds me electric like coke of delight with crying eyes of deadness lips o’ candy.


Out of rehab today uplifting bad moon descending - life is suffering - crooked morning downtown uppers higher than before.


The women wildflower drifters like water quantum defects what about BYOB at Tiffany’s tequila in the jar.


The visitors blaspheme Christ and alcoholic saints and moonage Jesus bits and loser down and doomed handful of junk bend the needle Heroin Man sample.


Sounds of hip - the misery series as unforeseen data and Ghostbusters on the trigger shitty pinball move.


Lost hitchhiker jump that train and head for the hills watching the burning rotten A crusty textures destroyer of the 1st sun.


On stage mood indulgence the beautiful ones fall from grace like Susie super fox - the anti-hero - kill the hero and read the burnt ones cinnamon girl.


Learn the life beat goes on singing the reds and blues and imagine the funeral no graveyard yet by gooseberry’s cathedral.


Let’s do some damage ripper two blue bones highway run with vacancy in hell for forbidden beards and rosary says.


Reflection projection enemy is within - primitive weapons and tongues of fire and altered states the soul survivor maybe that’s the end.


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