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The creative process, death, Sleep's "Dopesmoker" and a mirror.

Art is dumb. Creative people made of leaves die every day to live their next days, they chance it and repeat the next hours to find that muse or hair farmer indulgence and inspiration for killer ideas to pop up or creep up from the underground 9th circle of hellish abiding wherever and whenever they feel like it. Create a situation for that, or a Fluxus happening that happens live another day get the funk out of life like Bootsy and Betty. Kill your idols with surrealism expression for example. Artists, yogi-ninjas, the hardwired for death have a predetermined self-destruction no sense so make sense killing yourself to live. Creation automatically destroys something else, something important in the mind’s eye, third eye, double-vision tunnel-vision do it phosphene colors cause the end is obvious and may arrive early bird don’t fly away mud-soul drown in slow quicksand. Importance repetition Frankie say danger – need a new kick.

The end-death end is near, does have a kind of freedom to it no worries eh and not like riding an ass-tooth-generator-nitrous-jaws motorcycle freedom but deeper and smarter than that. Don’t know if anybody knows it but take it into account just in case the worst scenario comes around. Have a plan B emergency plan in place, like owning an emergency situation vinyl copy of Sleep’s Dopesmoker long player turntable rules. The beauty of it is furnace-face burn one roach stoner-metal aesthetics at its best but it does not survive because we as humans don’t survive and reek of gin a total bust. There is a shelf life within our own lifetimes chasin’ the high euphoria be all. We do give permission for it to explain itself and we give it meaning in a meaningless universe earth-riffs shake earth-holes ear-holes and the chest thump fistful of fuzz-stones cosmic.

Watch out for corruption through excess overload saturation the enemy of artists and circus-punk-hippy-shits don’t change. Sell-out yes or no wallflowers with money involved don’t succumb to the least. One can change the corruptive process because liberation is missed if the energy is stuck with a single style. Variation spice fast dust ‘n’ dirt textures please.

Unused creativity is a bad, bad idea tweaker hypno-melancholia snot-nosed Judas Priest Gummo kid. Art must be mythic, sometimes historical and the best way is timeless maker taker faker no bullshit. Create myth with a modern style avant-garde maybe but keep the old timey works in mind, the back-burner stuff like the psychotic drowns and the mystic swims. Have a message good or bad not forgettable with limits defined by the mad, the mad to live, the mad to create, mad to appreciate the archetypes which are all contained in a mirror, a mirror used thoughtfully…


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