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The drone tone as a bridge to the light...

The drone cometh and the drone stayeth shootin’ trips at Mars’ pyramids.

The drone is consistent, the makings of quality in space and time give-a-shit legion.

The drone is always there but you never looked so she wasn’t there. As above so below, a full spectrum in the invisible non-audible planes, the dimensions not heard by the human ear or hypno-Harry ugly cat.

The drone taketh your attention like a forest of lights, trees of white, and keeps it like the beating heart brain always there non-stop, will it end.

The drone is repetition, the same, maybe a white noise blanket on the mind. It can be a heavy experience like disorderly conduct show me the detention room and last of the whiskey cowboys crawling. The pissing hour here she comes now, no escape but ride Johnny ride and run run run bustin’ streets. A universal OM tinnitus pure and primordial and outer space mighty hoover spent-tales invaders like the sound of blood flowing through the veins at a higher deluxe power, year of the rabbit.

The drone could irritate like a handful of razor blades, torture from the ten-trick tiger gatekeeper.

The drone high as ever on quaaludes don’t bring me down haunted father time, maybe out of date, maybe heaven and hell pray for a funeral.

The drone carries the secrets of Sophia and an ancient code, the philosopher’s stone, the akashic records, electricity, death on the beach with UFOs.

The drone followed gets us closer to death through a trail of carnage four-bird flyin’ erratic do do do da da da living is suffering sweet dreams moody baby, reasons to cut none.

The drone keepeth the faith. Have you ever felt like a cross all eight directions one-ton lead foot reverse volcano for movement and the philosophy of the arrow?

The drone rift, the dark rift, the time rift, easy rider rifts, a paper castle rift, blank space rift, so place the bets where el camino rolls.

The drone as meditation, obsession and concentration. Time to put on the mask two-bit eyelash evil eye and live for respect.

The drone for the lovers of forever and bardo where everything is the right way in eternity.


Your love is cult.


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