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The evolution of obscurity #1

The evolution of obscurity and the subtleties of repetition number one with Wolvhammer.

Ripper pummeling black-thrash demented Saint Vitus White Magic/Black Magic-era gone nihilist eternal rotting misery no minor emotions here.

Gnarly throat screaming nightmare sleep paralysis fucking scary.

The optimist does not get very far sometimes treading in its own filth extracted by machine.

Little melodies there up the scale, down with the hope, down the hole of darkness unknown.

The Gothic album style Paradise Lost dead groove doomage at slow times watch out for the frogs falling from the sky no moon, no sun, all black, no stars, no comets, only time travel and floating sludge-frogs.

Maybe some Darkthrone in there but who cares… comparisons are telling and the easiest free-association besides surrealism not in an art gallery that there is.

Maybe between dimensions and monoliths not for the weak and say goodbye…

The energies are simply intense, rich with fast movement and vibrations through all the chakras still aligned with abundance and immortality stay there for thy end on earth is near completion.

Steady like a bunch of wise-men traveling wise. More than 3 can show up with better gifts and probably some weed too. Stoned in motion, a nod, a smile, the best, weed goes with everything.

The track Solace Eclipsed starts off atmospheric, a situation of concern and empathy. Heaviest of the rock & roll attempts with emphasis on the monastic vocal and meditative keys like the devil there for you in desperate times of needing companionship for the soul’s dark journey. The journey of ten thousand thoughts all dedicated to one goal of peace and contentment and oneness with some Christ-like feelings thrown in for pleasures sinful naked.

Kill your idols a halo of thorns and a pocketful of candy, and “they” thought rock stuff was dead…


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