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the evolution of obscurity #3 - Egypt rock

Egypt s/t 2009 not yet classic stoner rock classic rock tendencies freedom rock fly the highways open your roadmaps-eye man watch yourself heart and mind.

Medium-pace rock stream of consciousness alive riffs ‘n’ roll like a 70s road trip time is no worry hit the desert for a while and the mountains for a little while would be cooler if you did and don’t blow that one-hitter smoke bomb in my face.

Smooth rock with the psychedelic style easy transitions steady weight of slippery sounds like a boat riding the primordial waters of creation and sustenance and destruction maybe not all the time but who cares, keep moving, moving, moving keep on truckin’ keep on fuckin’ keep on keepin’ on like a Steve Miller and some Riding Easy Records on the player.

Great cozy bar rock on a ten-foot snowdrift night with a PBR and a head-nod to the bartender and another buck for the door guy wrapped in the winter air under the glowing streetlight and neon signs and a TV dish snow covered on the roof.

And then she whispered “Nickleback” in my ear from outta nowhere with no context or any identifiable meaning around….except irony, not stoner rock-ness.

Stony stonage stonery stoner rock but soft, the soft rocks, soothing and chill on cruise control rolling riff-kings not mistaking the trees for the forest. Good ol’ science says the forest has a separate consciousness from each tree’s consciousness, a mass identity like the rifflord cometh down the mountain. Leave room for a guitar solo, like one tree, one solo. A song in general is the forest – dirty tree witches and all, queens if you will gathered for curses and stuff at nightfall earthy and spiritual, goddesses too, afloat, singing, dancing. They dance to remember and also dance to forget. We will all forget in time….an eternal reward she said softly.


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