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the evolution of obscurity and the subtleties of repetition #4 - Grey Daturas

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Grey Daturas Dead in the Woods 2007 instrumental melodic-ish noise rock genre traveling through the woods of decay and constant nihilist existential dread endings. Always the end, always, subtract to zero face. This is the end, one of my friends the end.

Percussion is in charge of a climax playing off the drone the tree makes when it falls with nobody there to hear it. Heavy meditation internal shadow of a thousand light beings spreading light in another dimension of Jungian prosperity and wisdom beware of God and such equivalent things raw, friction, scratchy acid cancer of creation.

No vocals means interpretation is more open and varies by the personal, like a piece of abstract art dark and shady and maybe less color how ‘bout some dark blue hints. Background cozy blanket-sounds for some abstract expressionist blackness like a Robert Motherwell or maybe a Mark Tobey if you are in the spirits mood. Variations on the spirit theme straight through your brain not sure about straight lines though, could do something more organic feeling a way to the jackpot.

Repeat the beat makes it bearable for a while womb noise like it’s post-apocalyptic Mad Max shit always going fast and burning things at intervals eat fire, eat skull, eat the legumes of repetition.

Instrumental soundtrack for Bob, it’s fucking Bob, patterns of god electricity and the atom of life dead, Dead in the Woods companion to tri-peaks organics and emotions pleading why why why. Patterns make one vulnerable said agent Dale Cooper, enough openings to write a thousand ways inventing surrealist Bobs and whatever owls and various types of lodges One Eyed Jack’s in the woods die.

Quad-peaks elliptical laceration in the earth. OM moves forever the peaks drone through the forest and the tunnel of pop culture absurdist days and years unto death and silence and the ten heroic ways of the shadow. Smoke moves, mirrors do not. You must suffer through till the end good luck and paint it red and blackest the new black shadows love.

The first listen is fucking flat tire rolling best beauty and will be there the rest of your lifes, earthless. “Repeat Until False.”


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