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The Log Lady unveiled with A Psychology of Nothingness and some random thoughts mashed 13 times

  1. a story of many and human error, but begins with one thrown into a world of meaning

  2. let reason breathe because it can explain the absurd and strengthen to avoid destruction

  3. all the non-conservative-ness we see on this plane is based on distortions of the conventional

  4. the suave crowmen are open to everything but ignorant of many beautiful things, things like the truth

  5. one day the sadness will end by looking more deeply into life using black forms of the psyche arts

  6. even the ones that laugh do not choose nothingness or slick up their tastelessness

  7. you are the killer of your self with fire and solitude

  8. art as a question, a judge……is there no beauty if the eyes are soulless?

  9. transcendent escape from one’s own religious cliches can never happen at a wrong moment

  10. every time he bleeds creamed corn the patterns are making you forget about your self and others

  11. living high by creative acceptance of love that emerges as the blood of the universe

  12. admit the treasure is inside us as nothingness – the affect, not the sound

  13. in a dream, are all the characters really your western culture misery melting away


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