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The Melvins - a gateway drug

The Melvins’ Houdini 1993 – a gateway drug…

Straight away sludge-metal semi-opaque-washed Entombed circa 1992 Clandestine Honey Bucket at first then work into the noisy rock session acquired taste arguably a waste of time. I imagine triple-lies college kids hearing The Melvins for the first time a lifechanger like for me, Ozma ripped me a new one do you love me Candy-O. “Is it ever gonna kick in?” I said/asked and we’ll just leave it at that.

Rotation and exchange experimental, avant-garde, throw a case of plasticine noise, and then the melodic stuff in there surrealist words and sounds fused together with some fast as my hometown tunes file under heavy punk style moshpit wait for it….a stagediver got a motor felt the wheel. And watch out for flying riffs and eight times a felon for fire drumsticks hittin’ hard and tight and off at the same time paradox o’ rhythm sometimes slow, slow down and focus your

illegal magic dust in the medicine cabinet.

Chugga chugga shouldn’t it be sterilized King Buzza preacher of absurdity and art-metal on the wall and let’s get creative new concepts and ways of seeing living arty and with integrity and subculture inspiration breathing old pulp magazines. The squares foreign cage could hear The Melvins and act up intuitively watch out but don’t be shitty to ‘em cause some live alright alright alright march of the Nightgoat and a sharp smell of weeds and love.

Stampede magic man skilled in the art of prophecy escape like Houdini handcuffs it might not be what you hear see and think. People a bit down on their luck that don’t like the sludge will like The Melvins I bet just like how everybody likes Neil Young the so-called godfather of grunge covered with mold and it’s Buzz and Dale’s excellent adventure freight train on the edge of derailment like cobalt green glass cast and clean..


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