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The philosophical temptation of the beast while listening to Feedtime's 'The Aberrant Years' album.

1. The heavy numbing work is more mysterious with a flash of wrath skullcrusher strings vibrating light.

2. Night-chaos psychonaut-sisyphus before creation and voiceless denial.

3. Electric human is forced to turn inward to create a nest above an abyss.

4. The “word”, the faithful burn one, the piece contains concept of becoming, growth, oyster nonsense and the defeat of death.

5. The singular wired-up-butcher of its origin and the plural of its effects on heaven hill.

6. A handful of crows not down with squaresville and being able to express concepts of colors.

7. A “Ruby Cruel” song lends itself to signification more than a drawing that prepares the doors.

8. Writing and pictures and tunes and an inner turmoil prison are signs made by DJ Broken Mannequin.

9. Climb-a-punk-bass-ripper songs hide nothing. Their function is to distort like a helios caravan.

10. Transform the repetitious-kills-icons song back into suicide-love meaning.

11. The major powers of songs are bass high oriented and machine-motor-fix-beauty of repetition.

12. Weedian-exiled song gives simplicity of essence two and done minute.

13. From the gilded gallows, organize a world without contradiction and small talk let’s leave.

14. Ramones style song reduces the role of goofballs glass-eye perception and influences and alters it.

15. The simplest of things like the sign of the cross idea is almost always considered from a single viewpoint.

16. Purity time waster may turn into cleanse-the-truth coldness.

17. The turpentine-scraping heavy Indie rock idea may be lost by its vastness.

18. The anti-intellectual-fade-away work is beyond suffering cuts and perceptual experience.

19. Criticism is part of the bam-bam rhythm art, a drone of paranoia curiosity.

20. Exploring screams and drowns sounds for access to ways of seeing, a bong or a joint?

21. Don’t lose strength at the edges you devil loser in and out smoky white nights.

22. Repetition and Minutemen logistics appear in knowing how to achieve power of the beat blackout club.

23. The horrors of humanity, some bass heavy sound pollutes.

24. Writing should generate ideas like fluidity intuition and running with scissors into objects.

25. Matter and spirit and open it up decapitation = imprisonment and deliverance and chainsaws.

26. Describing the absence or the Mars bonfire craters or the bass saturation…

27. Every mental image (brujo wandering) melts into the void with motorbike girl, so every note disappears into silence.

28. To modify the ageless flower ritual is to break the spell of noise pounders slaughter.

29. Looney yogi tunes enlightened fire walkers are not there to teach us anything.

30. Viewing ourselves as first thought best thought aesthetic two dolls pale objects.

31. The greatest works point beyond themselves, dealer aberrant outcast Rimbaud.


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