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Velvet Underground with Don Juan Matus and myself - highlights from the lost audio before my birth.

1. Never repeat yourself because you might get only that one chance, and you will save your energy.

2. Black T-shirts that exist to tell not to sell is an example of direct knowledge high awareness done.

3. To know in silence and extreme noise is to worship the experience itself, not the results of such experience.

4. Change of being once on the other side gives out more patience but not everything has meaning...

5. Beauty has no parallel with the sully human condition is something I didn't say out loud.

6. I worry that getting rid of individuality for the herd is the greatest dilemma.

7. The religious vs. heightened consciousness is a recent phenomenon.

8. The non-descript drone sound has no survival life value.

9. Everything is meant to be done says the flowing spirit in perpetual presence.

10. Likely combination - Death is the only worthy opponent of revolution.

11. Everything is wrong, especially self-importance and not being everything...hahaha...

12. The true artists must de-throne and self-destruct to enjoy what comes out of their heads.

13. The next dead uncreate intention with their eyes.

14. Gods moderate lack of pity and myth.

15. Only the gestalt of the outsider can banish doubt.

16. There is a sequence of life events protected by what one knows = discoveries in phases, a series of situations not unlike surrealism.



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