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Wilting serpent screams and throwing shadows during a Cows Daddy Has A Tail listen...

Absurdist originality keeping the problem going by catering to short attention spans having to do it to see what it’s like. Noisy art-metal-punk move around heavy run around goof-sludge-ish hello Melvins and guitars and benediction songs maybe a deck-the-halls cocaine party all dissonance. The end listeners are punks on psychedelics and the most important collaborator. An invocation evil-eye collective let’s draw on each other and noise-out convincing the audience o stay. Did you see God? Head stand and all, language richness only works with mutual agreement and alley-watching interpretation with fine sandpaper textures and those ideas containing their opposites with an ominous Bermuda Triangle. Loud soft silence fuzz-a-go-go laugh and cry and death of the author and seductive urns and furs and third mind harmonies. The most popular variation is always it’s opposite, yah-cough smoke screen sometimes the third thought beyond the surface ideas dippin’ hooks stuck and contrast and enduring shit shoveler and forget the theory because that will restrict freedom of will and illogical indulgence. Do what thou will weary hell drive. Do what you want, play friction and get the swords and they will come – statement, departure, return, then big noise sorcery and ridiculous ambience – meaning and multiple points of view are necessary for progress and deviation and Baudelaire attitude and growth and cartoon imagery evolution and higher consciousness once enso the witch behind the monotype. More beer-drama-woodcut into digital and mainline neo-ghost-pit shittery fucked crooked moods the best way. One nickel throne and no judgements please and “Thou shalt not hassle.” Question tradition you deviler! Atonal cohesion rock ‘n’ roll from the 90s - a fairly new high-end artistry phenomenon for the critical mass tales of “Hungry For Stink.” Acknowledge the circumstances by the throat surrounding that electric energy and choke on vomit morning and freedom consuming ideas with humans first, (madness in sanity) art aesthetics second. Thoth wallet and ornament and absolute serpent music for the common man and woman candy lips like whiskey roll out the dissecting table and non-pop-mainstream droopy riffs “Chow” sonics and chromed weed lyrical surrealism and comparative chemical stench philosophies sometimes medium is the message. A hundred punks face-down, the vernacular is a sense of humility and accessibility to the audience or low-brow shared experiences… Entertainment with a capital E…


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