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Word riffs from Psycho Las Vegas 2022. Enigmatic music involves the listener as content.

Everything that lives live life has sound, plaque sounds The Plague, Camus worship, the pentagram blues. All things equal therefore unimportant - hand of the empty concept forever in flux.

Learning to lose is the American dream, the pipe dream in shock tubes everything’s predetermined, godless. Not influenced by things themselves the devils, the fools, the eternal dinosaurs, but our view of it.

The metal shamans have gathered teaching sin and learning sin. The language of others transforms me lonely sun 3 guns out hoof and tail.

Wild beasts with the best kung fu Great Mutato and num lunatic essence men in an oblong box. Paranoid view of forces of evil inhabit everyone. Strangers meddle, suffer bastard.

The audience, the horns, the fist, the number one finger, the lighter, the phone, erotic the body burns, the future, taking brains higher silence mountain, Kenny 2 teeth pharmacy who’s your dealer. Image will draw attention before the word.

Some bands I saw killin’ abstract -

Early Moods – rumbling genuine Sabbath Finder General doom rock old school bennies warp drive. Man’s search for his own image, seeker, seek the fountain of Mithras.

mgla – melodi-flowers of compassion vaccine black metal. I give myself permission to say that lies to the truth, hypnosis. World forced to question itself with first class ultimate sin.

Hippie Death Cult – stoner jam session runnin’ fumes deep breaths better like a Mulder on ketamine mystery. Meaning not within the object (bridges of trouble and pipe bombs) but in its context.

Carcass – a tear in the sky morning darkness, an hour escape 7th dimension giving meaning is too hard, delinquents. To create presupposes opposition to surrounding environment one final Duke of fire and ash.

Belzebong – smoke or die slow bongs theme from smoke them bits Gummo-hesh no vocals as priority draggin’ my heart, dark night of the soul. Image throws itself upon imagination enter the dead and what you bleed.

The Black Angels – drummers give meaning to the music experience. She has the best psych beat potions she got the black oil driftless groover she’ll make you cry. The heart is next to the womb goodbye Debra Jean and Saidi. Reveal a gap which would fill in with sensation of experience, something not shown is revealed.

Psychlona – desert safety dance save yourself Sloopy we need a spaceship. We need continuous response dope trance mask-schism.

Tribulation – gothic deathrock ‘n’ roll the serpent’s tooth abrasions and chips doomsday war whores at the end. Meaning is relationships, things exist not as separate identities but as carriers like broken face river secret transport.

Suicidal Tendencies – high moral epic anthems of skater punk-metal sentenced resist or serve rogue. Everything unknown is filled with psychological projection and future self complete, repeat until empty.

Witch Mountain – Portland 25 years of doom-unique let’s play magic stars of the universe vs. the collective unconscious, man does not make his ideas but ideas make him like a victim of birth call up the Sandman.

High On Fire – ripped new colors all the colors through the black door and the classics Sunday level cult suicides. Schedule for a funeral both sides of the white light, red eyes red lines effects pedals serenade, blue smoke, orange backline, green leaves. What seduces us is it’s effect dancing a ten step.


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