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word virus, the bohemian, and some acid rock metal at heart

some words after listening to Lowrider Refractions LP released in 2020.

persistent dream bodies get the job done dopes-christ-riders not for the monetary wealth.

non-threatening yellow ivory faces of outsiders into the drama loop.

no purity in hipness or weedage-wall production sweet smells from a vacant lot.

new languages a steady invention snappin' dynamic waiting on the man.

a code between high and low lives air-conditioned bungalow.

slow chewing wanderer not bound by the past.

a toke mood pursuit of awareness and a green fish boy.

the mortality of others says get in the van and experience outward innocence and inward demonism.

perpetual youth without a dime to buy the return.

lost that old flop during ethos of change and solo sessions deep visions hooks and desert weedians.

a Jefferson Airplane ambience strictly from heavy metal.

loosen their collars damn it, the aesthetics of imperfection and dropping bombs bombin' are memorable.

the softness lighting and complete surrender are feminine goodness.


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