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A coupla heavy marching band surrealists review the new Godflesh album Purge.

Godward or hellhound its full for the diggers of the deep run-on riff artistry and sentences.

House of blasphemy antichrist-caravan-voices of the melodic damned fall into dust.

Dynamic inner and outer fear and got the shakes so use the deconstruction 5 minute express lobotomy 99.

Get back to the sin, sins-a-hiding catharsis never ending confessions, hooks, layers.

Truth is felt during the year of the tired nihilist, social function.

A played out scene with Sunday's smoke-filled-lungs-bastard burnin' roads indulgence.

Ain't seen nothin' sweet nuthin' abrasive snuff emotion.

The last emptiness journey eyes on the dream-crusher-keys ambience.

Style-pills-vernacular cirrhosis of the brain sound saturations.

Holy water drama drone, sacred pigs textures and gutter-freedom-priests context.

Rhythmic attack but negate the obvious machines production.


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