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Melvins/Boris/Mr. Phylzzz - live review - Minneapolis - 9/6/2023

Deviant psychedeli-sludge neo-then neo-now noise things during a surreal mid-life crisis.

At the guillotine-yank songbooks about absurdity, lazy swords, candles and bullwhips.

Death absurdity, is it dead, get me a doctor bustin’ balls next time use a hammer.

All out hell owl seaside guitar roadkill and poison apples and fascist pigs.

Slip inside that amplifier essence of filth cannibal street steaks.

Like a 5150 you ain’t seen nothing yet making garbage worms ‘n’ all.

Follow the piper ya hip hepper rolling menace pink and blue and maybe bedazzled.

Galactic lunatic sittin’ shotgun kickin’ summertime love for lives.

Varsity moon attack jokin’ smokin’ clever nordeast scenesters and water monsters.

Like ancient underground parties with pretty things and 12 witches in a circle.

Let the death begin tomorrow morning… makes me cry now.

Rogue vagabonds never have a home but only peace and suffering, the cure.

Rat’s eyes clusterfuck mass hypnosis in another state of mind.

The outlaws romance of the road loco-Manson-burnt.

Collective dirty dogtown dance and silence of the goats.


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