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Some word riffs for a Raspberry Bulbs listen...Before the Age of Mirrors.

One dead heart, raw evil eyes, and mitten hands, blind Johnny 2 hearts comes to the darkside.


Jesus no brand a wandering primal musician with lip’s magic words, name 3 songs.


Neanderthal no-fun-dreams like Jim Jones the king of hazard sins and cheating death.


Bombastic Suicide Girls with shotguns ‘n’ all and crooked consciousnesses, the hand of doom.


Noise-punk lone rebel seekers makin’ good time in the Cannonball Run.


She opens the universe with simple words and sonic food slicers and books about mysterions.


Distortion master success help me with this tragedy of birth and laughing funerals.


The ugly context of cradle-to-the-grave-jargon long lost and no return.


Help me Rhonda how deep is your love cause this hungry-ghost-loaded eats me alive.


Dig it up tomorrow, the atomic ritual of black market nativity scenes gone wild.


Poison word pencils and brains and vicious circles and see-you-in-hell-textures.


Post-post-no-wave ambience and pills all day means a revolution with the immortal devil get behind me.


Definitive red light waiting like only the lonely Pablo Picasso and a Mithras pilgrim.


Hammer-coalition-artistry with pockets of horror at Maggie’s farm, full of biters, mean.


Gallery of lies and giant skeletons hidden and kill the reaper we came to die blowin’ fuses, predictable imagery.



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